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CUMTA to carry out this important work in T. Nagar to help the residents!!

Posted on: 25/Sep/2023 9:33:33 AM
The commercial hub of Chennai T. Nagar is now in the news as CUMTA or Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport authority has decided to study the parking pattern and strategies in this locality. It is known to us that the exclusive parking policy to manage the parking in Chennai is getting ready.

In T. Nagar, it is not easy to manage the parking due to the presence of residential areas plus due to various commercial activities etc. This was mentioned by an officer from CUMTA. He hinted about a study that would be conducted to know about the requirement of T. Nagar. It is learnt that both on-street parking management as well as off-street parking systems would be studied by CUMA. The parking management would be handled based on the study.

Draft parking policy for entire CMA:

Information collected is that CUMTA has readied the draft parking policy for the entire CMA extending 5904 sq km. To get their suggestions etc, discussions have been held with GCC and GCTP etc based on the draft. Soon, the transport authority will discuss with CMDA.

Final version of parking policy:

Only after getting inputs from other departments, the final version of the parking policy would be prepared. It is now said that discussions would include norms mandating enough parking space for buildings while issuing building plan approvals in the policy. For this, discussions would take place with CMDA. Under the Chennai City Partnership programme, the parking policy of 5904 sq km would be prepared.