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Additional domestic terminal is being set up now in Chennai!!

Posted on: 25/Jul/2023 9:24:15 AM
The number of passengers and flight services have become more now at the Chennai airport. As a result, an additional domestic terminal is being set up now.

It must be remembered that in 2018 the Central govt had decided to make the Chennai airport a new integrated terminal, a modern airport  with infrastructure and basic facilities. It is known that the AAI has started work in 2 phases on an area of 2.21lakh sqm at a cost of Rs 2467 cr.

In phase one, a new integrated international terminal was constructed on an area of 1.36lakh sqm at a cost of rs 1260 cr. It was inaugurated by  PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi in the presence of CM of TNMr. MK. Stalin on 8th April 2023. This new integrated international terminal is called terminal 2 or T2. Trial runs were conducted from 25th April at the new terminal and afterwards international arrival and departure etc were shifted to this new terminal. From 7th July onwards, the new terminal became fully operational.

On 10th July, the terminal 3 and terminal 4 that have been operating as the international flight terminals were closed down. In a few weeks, the work on demolishing 3 I terminal would start.

There is now a space issue at the domestic airport in Chennai due to increase in the passenger traffic and flight services etc. Therefore, the AAI has decided to expand the domestic terminal at the Chennai airport. In this situation, the T3 and T4 terminals that served as international terminals at Chennai airport have been closed and T3 would be demolished for the construction work. Now, work has been going on to convert T4 (the new building) into a domestic terminal.

It must be noted that from September onwards, the Chennai airport would be operated in 2 parts.

From Terminal 1, domestic flights belonging to airlines like AirIndia, Vistara, Spicejet, AirAsia, Akasha, Alliance Air and True Jet aee planned to be operated. From the newly constructed domestic terminal T4, flights belonging to IndiGo airlines would be operated.