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Sensational New Order from the Chennai Corporation to the residents!!

Posted on: 11/Feb/2023 9:22:44 AM
Urinating in the public places in Chennai would soon become a thing of the past!!

The Chennai Corporation has decided to charge Rs 50 for urinating in the public places in Chennai metropolitan areas. It must be noted that the Chennai Corporation has been taking several measures to beautify the city of Chennai.

Beautification is being done now on the roadside parks, road embankments and on the flyover walls etc. Fines are being collected from those persons who dump sold wastes on the roadsides, paste posters on the walls, dump construction waste etc. From today onwards, the GCC is taking steps to maintain 18 roads in Chennai as garbage free roads. Steps are being taken now by the GCC to make Chennai as urination and open defecation free city. The Chennai Corporation is taking measures to build enough toilets and urinals.

In this scenario, the Chennai Corporation is also trying to impose a fine of Rs 50 on those who urinate in public places in the city.

It is known that tasks of animal capture,plastic ban enforcement, mosquito eradication work etc have been given to the health inspectors. Now, the municipal administration is thinking about whom it must entrust the responsibility of imposing a penalty on urination in the public places in Chennai. 

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