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Shocking news!! Fish prices rise unimaginably in Chennai now

Posted on: 12/Jul/2021 8:50:08 AM
If you are a fish eater, then this piece of news would make you unhappy!!

The prices of fish have skyrocketed by 45% at the Chennai Kasimedu market on Sunday. It is now said that increasing diesel rates and related poor supply have been responsible for the increase in the fish rates.

Less than 1000 customers visited this important market located in north Chennai. This was mentioned by some traders. As there were fewer fish for sales, many came back empty handed only.

It must be noted that there has been a ban on fishing and it is clear that after the fishing ban period this was the first week that had poor fish sales. The hike in the rates of diesel has been responsible for fewer boats venturing into the sea to catch fish. This was brought out by some fish traders.

As most of the profits go in purchasing the fuel, it was not possible to make a decent margin. This was according to some fishermen

A wholesale trader, Mr. Vishnu, MP, owner of MPV SEafoods spoke about how after the fishing ban got over the Kasimedu market received more than 2000 to 3000 customers during the weekends. Only a few customers visited the market due to the hike in the rates of fishes. It is surprising to note that half the customers went without buying the fish as the fish got sold out before noon itself. He added that the sales were dull after 3 weeks.

Information is that till last week the fishermen caught nearly 180 tonnes to 200 tonnes of fishes but on Sunday just 85tonnes of fishes were caught by them. This has resulted in the prices of fish skyrocketing yesterday by 45%. Point is that on Sunday seer fish or vangiram was sold for Rs 1400 per kg, black pomfret was sold for Rs 550 per kg. Kingfish was sold for Rs 650 per kg and prawn for Rs 440 per kg. Crab was sold for Rs 450 per kg and red snapper at Rs 400 per kg.

In the normal circumstances, at this point of time, more fish would be available but the hike in the fuel prices have led to just mechanised boats with fewer fishermen to venture into the sea. As a result, the supply of fish was low yesterday. It is revealed that neither the traders nor the fishermen were happy with the profit margin.

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