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Residents can know about the arrival of mobile vegetable shops and there would be free movement of these across Chennai

Posted on: 26/May/2021 9:29:47 AM
The total lockdown with strict restrictions came into force from 24th May and the public have been asked to stay at their homes and not to come out unnecessarily. It is well known that the TN government has arranged mobile vegetable shops for the sake of the public.

It is now revealed that for free movement of these mobile vegetable shops across Chennai, the GCC and the city police have posted a police team at the civic body control room.

It was mentioned by the Chennai corporation commissioner Mr Gagandeep Singh that if the police personnel stop tricycles or pushcarts that sell veggies or fruits then the traders could contact the corporation control room 044 45680200and 9499932899.The citizens could also contact these numbers if they find that huge rates were demanded for the vegetables/fruits and for not following Covid-19 protocols. On Tuesday, 25th May, GCC allowed as many as 1400 mobile shops in Chennai to sell vegetables.

In their allocated zones, mobile shops would distribute vegetables and fruits on tricycles and pushcarts and this has been arranged. The Chennai corporation commissioner later hinted about the increase in the number of mobile shops or vehicles in Chennai to 2000 per day. Passes would be issued to retail and wholesale traders by the zonal officers and instructions have been given already to the zonal officers regarding this.

Through a public addressing system, the traders would be making their presence felt on various Chennai streets. For this the traders have been requested by GCC. Point is that several residents tend to miss the pushcarts and tricycles that visit their streets.

The traders would be monitored by assistant revenue officers and it is clear that the passes of these traders would be revoked if they were found to be selling vegetables at exorbitant rates. It is worthy to note that the agriculture department operates 16 vehicles that distribute vegetables and fruits to pushcarts and tricycles. The Horticultural department has as many as 74 vehicles and the corporation in coordination with the traders association has got 1311 vehicles. In Kodambakkam and in the Ambattur zones, the highest number of vehicles has been allowed.