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Drinking excess lemon water every morning during summer could lead to these health problems, take care!!

Posted on: 21/Mar/2023 9:32:42 AM
During scorching humid summers, consuming a glass of lemon water could be superb for us as it has got vitamins and antioxidants etc. When the temperature increases, then there is more demand for lemonades etc is well known.

It has become common nowadays that many of us begin our day by drinking a glass of lemon water because of the fact that it would cleanse the system. It would also provide us with many benefits like improved immunity, superb skin and weight loss etc. It is not advised to drink excess amounts of lemon water in the morning as it could result in some health issues for us.

These are the side effects of drinking excess lemon water.

Digestive problems:

Truth is that by drinking lemon water every morning with honey we could have superb digestion. We must be careful and  not consume it throughout the day as this could irritate the lining in the stomach. The digestion would become slower. There are possibilities of getting heartburns, stomach pain etc.


It is believed that consuming lemon water is the best way to eliminate toxins from us. Being a diuretic, more urine would be produced. This would result in more water removal plus also the removal of electrolytes etc causing dehydration. There would be tiredness, excess thirst etc in us.

Leads to migraine:

Not many of us would know that intake of excess lemon water every morning could lead to migraines and headaches etc. So, please take care.

Tooth decay etc:

Our oral health is also very important just like our body health. It must be noted that by drinking too much lemon water in the morning we could get dental enamel decay and this could be due to the acidic nature of the lemon water.  It is very important that we must avoid acidic foods like lemons if we feel tooth sensitivity.

Damage to hairs:

Our hair follicles would become dry by drinking too much lemon water in the morning. There would be extreme hair damage.

Canker sores:

Canker sores or mouth ulcers could be irritating for us as they would lead to a burning sensation when we eat certain foods.  Those who eat acidic foods in excess are prone to get mouth ulcers easily. The existing cancer sores would become worse by drinking too much lemon water in the morning. This would make usus uncomfortable when we eat or talk etc.

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