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Hang-bridge made of glass to be installed for Public Service at Villivakkam Lake from next May!

Posted on: 05/Dec/2022 5:37:12 PM
The glass hang-bridge has been installed under the Smart City Project on behalf of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC for Rs. 8 Crores!

Earlier, The 39-acre Villivakkam Lake was under the jurisdiction of the Chennai Metro Water Distribution system.

Social enthusiasts have been appealing for a long time to the need for cleaning up the heavily polluted lake for so many years!

As such, under the `Smart City Scheme`, under the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), the renovation work of the Villivakkam Lake was taken up for Rs. 16 Crores and the project commenced in the year 2018

Subsequently, the project cost rocketed up to Rs. 45 Crores! CMWSSB (Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board, retaining just 11.50 acres for setting up a sewage water treatment plant), handed over the balance area of 27.50 acres to the Greater Chennai Corporation.

At that time, the depth of the water lake was just 1 metre! During the renovation, desalting was done extensively and the depth increased to 5 metres.

Presently, activities are underway to increase the capacity of the Villivakkam Lake to 70000 cubic metres.

Apart from this, other efforts for entertainment centres such as the construction of pavement, erection of compound walls, boat rides, car parking, Restaurants, Aavin Centre, Musical Fountain, 12D Theatre, Mono Rail Service, and water sports are also in progress.

As a part of this renovation project, a glass-made hang bridge has been erected in Chennai (for the first time!)  It is expected that this will be a major attraction!

Greater Chennai Officials shared regarding this:

"This glass hang-bridge will be 250 metres in length, and 1 metre in width and will be installed for Rs. 8 Crores!

Only 100 persons are to be allowed due to safety reasons.

It is expected that this glass hang bridge will be dedicated to public service before May 2023!