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Revised Voter Turnout Data Shows Lower Figures in Chennai Parliamentary Constituencies

Posted on: 20/Apr/2024 12:53:12 PM

According to the latest figures released by the Election Commission of India (ECI), only 56.10% of votes were cast in Chennai on April 19, significantly lower than the earlier projected 68.14%. Notably, Central Chennai, South Chennai, and North Chennai recorded the lowest turnouts at 53.91%, 54.27%, and 60.13%, respectively.

Comparisons with previous elections reveal a decline in voter participation. In 2019, Central Chennai saw 58.75%, North Chennai 64.04%, and South Chennai 56.92% turnout. Further back, in 2014 and earlier, voter participation varied across constituencies.

Explaining the variance, J Radhakrishnan, Chennai Corporation Commissioner and District Election Officer, attributed it to computer projections. He emphasized that efforts are underway to analyze the reasons for the lower turnout.

With around 27 lakh out of 48.69 lakh eligible voters casting their votes, attention now turns to understanding the factors behind the subdued participation.

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