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Postal Voting Solution: Senior Citizens Above 85 Cast Ballots from Home in Chennai

Posted on: 09/Apr/2024 4:26:24 PM

Around 10% of senior citizens above 85 years in Chennai district are set to vote from home in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Chennai district election office has initiated the process of distributing postal ballots to eligible seniors and persons with disabilities who are unable to visit polling booths.

However, the office has received complaints from some residents who claim they did not receive the necessary forms for postal voting. Less than 10% of the 63,683 eligible senior citizens have been able to submit their forms for postal ballots, with over 88% failing to do so on time.

Residents, particularly those above 85 years, expressed frustration over not receiving the required forms at home. Some local officials admitted to shortcomings in distributing the forms and have been directed to rectify the issue.

In response to the concerns raised, election officials have assured that efforts are underway to ensure eligible seniors receive postal ballots. Teams have been deployed to visit households and facilitate the voting process for seniors and persons with disabilities.

A total of 10,438 persons with disabilities have also been identified as eligible for postal voting in Chennai district. The distribution of postal ballots is expected to be completed by Saturday, with 71 teams covering 15 houses each day to facilitate the process.

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