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Amazing!! Chennai heart surgeon is busy doing surgeries and simultaneously acting as a hero in the upcoming Tamil film now!!

Posted on: 04/Apr/2024 9:30:43 AM

Doing both heart surgery and acting as a hero in the film simultaneously is not very easy!!

A Chennai based 42 year old cardiovascular surgeon named Dr. Dheeraj Reddy is not only busy in attending his patients and doing surgeries etc but also busy completing his film shooting formalities. His film would be released on 5th of April.

In this upcoming Tamil film named Double Tuckerr, Dr. Dheeraj would be playing the hero role along with 2 angels named Left and Right brought out by animation. The film has been directed by Meera Mahadhi.

Other popular actors who would be making their presence felt in this film are Smruthi Venkat, Kovai Sarala and M.S. Bhaskar etc. It is said that this upcoming film would showcase life and death in a humorous manner.  Good luck to Dr & actor Dheeraj Reddy!!

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