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Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Radial Road: Transitioning from Bustling Corridor to Hazard Zone

Posted on: 02/Apr/2024 9:06:00 AM

The IT professionals and others who travel through the Pallavaram- Thoraipakkam radial road in Chennai have been finding it very tough. Their journey especially becomes unsettling while travelling through the 3km stretch between Kovilambakkam and Eechangadu. The reason for that is due to the total darkness there after the sunset. By this, the road on the bustling corridor gets transformed into a potential hazard zone.

It is superb to note that at a cost of Rs 54crTambaram Corporation has started to install LED lights across its jurisdiction. According to Alaghu Meena, corporation commissioner it was confirmed that work on installing LED lights has begun on the GST Road and Chromepet. She spoke about how more than 40000 street lights are being replaced with LED lights. There are several IT offices plus other offices on this important radial road in Chennai. It is known that this road connects the airport and GST Road with OMR in Chennai.

It was brought to light by a few motorists that they find it tough to navigate through this road due to absence of lights. As there is pitch darkness everywhere, the motorists would not be able to see the approaching U turns or the road divider etc.  Not only the commuters, but also the pedestrians are not able to move freely along this road. The reason for that was due to the presence of several eateries. Many come to eat food here and the shocking truth is that the pedestrians are unable to see the vehicles approaching them.  

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