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What is making the passengers feel anxious or panic while travelling in the Chennai metro trains now?

Posted on: 01/Apr/2024 8:44:42 AM

Would you believe the fact that travelling in the metro trains in Chennai is creating panic among the passengers? Shocking, but It is true!!

These days, many people travel in the metro trains in Chennai as they find it comfortable and time saving. The metro train travelling not only provides these above said benefits but it also creates panic or anxiety among the passengers now. The screeching noises heard during the travel in the metro trains have been making the lives uncomfortable for many. In addition, there is also a grumbling noise that has been creating tension and panic.

According to a regular metro train traveller it was clear that when he travelled from Nandanam metro station to Central metro station recently he heard a screeching noise followed by rumbling noise. He wanted these issues to be addressed by the CMRL quickly.

The friction between the metro train and the track would create such noises and this was as per another metro train user. He hinted that better maintenance work would prevent these unwanted noises. It is noteworthy that screeching noises are due to the contact between train and track at sharp curves. Addressing these trivial issues at the earliest by CMRL would prevent panic among the passengers.

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