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Chennai Bus App Expands Reach with iOS Launch: Real-time Commuting Details and Enhanced Safety Features Unveiled

Posted on: 22/Feb/2024 4:46:51 PM
State Transport Department Minister SS Sivasankar unveiled the iOS version of the Chennai Bus application on Thursday, expanding accessibility for iPhone users. The original Chennai Bus app was introduced on May 4, 2022, catering to Android users. This app revolutionizes commuting by providing real-time information about bus locations, arrival times, and other pertinent details.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the mobile application proves especially beneficial for newcomers to the city. It allows individuals to easily discover bus stops in their vicinity, along with comprehensive information about buses operating through these stops. Notably, the app facilitates travel planning before the commencement of the journey, ensuring a smoother commuting experience.

A noteworthy feature of the application is its SOS button, offering a safety net for users. In case of emergencies, this function enables individuals to send alerts to family and friends swiftly. The Chennai Bus app, now available on both Android and iOS platforms, marks a significant stride in enhancing public transportation experiences and ensuring the safety and ease of travel for all users.