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Coke Studio Tamils latest track Elay Makka packs the Semma vibes with a fusion of genres, languages and worlds

Posted on: 21/Feb/2024 2:05:40 PM
Following the success of the first two songs of Coke Tamil Season 2, the musical journey of seamlessly blending contrasting music genres and fostering diverse artist collaborations continues, by launching the latest electrifying track, "Elay Makka". Featuring the distinct talents of Sanjay Subrahmanyan, Andrea Jeremiah, Girishh Gopalakrishnan, Sathyaprakash Dharmar, and Navz-47, the latest track, `Elay Makka,` follows the warm reception of the previous hit, `Please Purinjukko` and `Kaakarattan`. Together, they introduce a completely fresh composition, delving into the various hues of life through diverse styles, instruments, and more. A track that is all set to be part of the contemporary playlist is a genre-bending banger with fresh artist collaborations, celebrating Tamil roots with today`s beats. It is the anthem for diversity, fun, and cultural pride.

This high-spirited track features a stellar lineup of artists with diverse musical expertise, each contributing their unique talents to elevate this composition to a beautiful symphony. Sanjay Subramanyan, returning with a never-seen avatar after the tremendous success of `Urudhi` in the first season, sets the tone with Andrea Jeremiah, an accomplished actress in Tamil Nadu and a playback singer adding depth to the song`s diverse palette. Girishh Gopalakrishnan, a seasoned Indian music composer, takes the helm as the composer of the song, and Sathyaprakash Dharmar, renowned for his playback singing and proficiency in Carnatic music, contributes to the ensemble. Navz-47, a versatile vocalist, rapper, lyricist, and composer representing the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Canada, adds her own kick to the song.

The song`s innovative spirit expands beyond its structure, encompassing a soundscape that surpasses genre limitations. Mixing elements of pop, Carnatic music, and modern electronica, "Elay Makka `` makes it a musical kaleidoscope of genres and artists. This fusion is elevated by the diverse contributions of the featured artists, each celebrated for their individual styles and artistic vision. The song showcases the various facets of music, language, and style that are prevalent in the Tamil ecosystem, adding a vibrant and eclectic dimension to its overall appeal.

`Elay Makka` underscores the artists` skill in exploring their aptitude for pop expressions, introducing fresh ideas and injecting dynamic vitality. This foot-tapping track seamlessly weaves rhythms and lyrics, inviting every listener to groove with its beats. The inclusion of a diverse array of instruments, spanning from the contemporary Hang drum to traditional Kanjira, Banjo, and the Shehnai, adds a rich blend of authentic tunes to the composition. 

Each instrument contributes its unique style, enriching the overall musical experience. The song poetically reflects on life`s intricacies, effortlessly blending celebration and sorrow, warmth and bitterness, within the constant flux of time. The music video exudes a fun and energetic vibe, perfectly complementing the infectious rhythm of the track. Native instruments add an authentic touch, offering a contemporarary twist that captivates today`s youth. `Elay Makka` boldly breaks through traditional boundaries, embracing a fresh and innovative approach to music.

Sanjay Subhramanyan shares, "I`m really excited for the launch of Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 and overwhelmed to be a part of this once again and share the stage with some fantastic musical minds! The song is a beautiful piece written by Mohan Rajan and composed by Girishh Gopalakrishnan. Lovely beats and lyrics with a blend of so many genres, colors and flavors like life itself!  And yours truly adding a dash of Carnatic into the mix! Amazing experience to perform with some fantastic artistes!`

Andrea Jeremiah added "Collaborating with Coke Studio Tamil and adding my touch to this song has been really amazing. It not only accentuates my artistic identity but also draws out diverse styles from the other talented artists involved. This experience has enriched me personally, and crafting this song together was an absolute joy - the entire vibe reached another level."

Girishh Gopalakrishnan adds, " Coke Studio Tamil Season 2 is going to massively change the way non-film music is perceived in South India. It will strongly make a case for original Tamil independent music to reach the global stage, presenting a new dimension to authentic voices. Nammale embody the musical ideals that resonate deeply with me - grounded in my culture yet presented to a global audience."

Sathyaprakash Dharmar expresses, "Being immersed in the creation of this song was a profoundly unique experience for me. The lyrics of Elay Makka beautifully mirror the human experience, capturing both the soaring highs and the challenging lows of life, perfectly complemented by the beats that breathe life into the song."

Navz-47 reflects on the song, sharing, "From being a viewer with my family on Coke Studio to now being a part of it - it`s unbelievable! In our song, life is about experiencing it all-no distinctions of good or bad, just an array of different shades."

The latest track shatters the mould of traditional songwriting, venturing into unexplored sonic territories. The composition eschews the familiar verse-chorus format, opting for a dynamic and experimental structure that unfolds organically. 

"Elay Makka" represents a bold step forward for Coke Studio Tamil, pushing the boundaries of musical expression and captivating audiences with its unconventional approach. 

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