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Quality of the lives of denizens to improve by the CMDA study regarding the availability of social facilities!!

Posted on: 08/Feb/2024 8:59:02 AM
The CMDA or Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority has decided to study the availability of social facilities and strategy. It would include these in the Chennai city development to improve the quality of the lives of denizens. This study would be a part of the Third Master Plan or TMP.

It was brought out by a statement from CMDA that social facilities like gyms, fitness centres, crches, parks, public toilets, street cafes, working women hostels, co-living spaces, senior livings, safe home for women facing domestic abuse, public places for exhibitions, nightlife facilities and safety provisions etc would attract skilled workforce. The document mentioned that such social places would help people in networking and provide hangout spaces.

Point is that CMDA would assess whether the available facilities are adequate for the present population and whether these are accessible to those who are differently able, senior citizens etc.

It is known that social facilities play a huge role in improving the life quality of the citizens. Point is that the availability of facilities like educational, health, recreational safety, and other community facilities were important but the spatial distribution would decide the ease of accessibility. Their quality would determine their effectiveness.

It was revealed clearly that TMP would focus on the availability, access and quality of social infrastructure as constituents of better life quality of the denizens. Soon, there would be an appointment of a consultant to carry out the study and provide recommendations for improved access, increased quantity and enhanced quality of social facilities etc in line with emerging needs of a vibrant metropolis. Information gathered is that CMDA has held talks with the students from CEPT regarding aligning the climate action plan with the Third Master Plan.

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