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Soon, direct flights between Chennai and Penang in Malaysia!!

Posted on: 20/Jan/2024 9:22:14 AM
From 15th January till 22nd January, a tourism fair to attract Indian tourists and investors to Penang state in Malaysia is being held in many cities. This fair is taking place on the behalf of the tourism dept of Malaysia.

Yesterday, the Penang tourism fair took place in T. Nagar in Chennai and caught the attention of many. Important personalities who took part in the fair were Penang state tourism minister Mr. Wang Han Wai, Penang chamber of commerce CEO Mr. Ashwingunasekaran, Malaysia tourism director Mr. Razaidi Abdul Rahim and others. Point is, when compared to last year, the number of Indian tourists to Penang has increased by 7% this year. This was according to the Penang state tourism minister.

Information collected is that to increase the trade meetings a new 800 sq ft trade centre is being set up in Penang state. This centre would open in the year 2025. It is superb to note that the government of Malaysia is offering a free visa for 30 days from 1st Dec 2023 to 31st Dec 2024.

There are plans to operate additional flights from the cities like Madurai and Trichy to Kuala Lumpur or KL plus plans to operate flights from Chennai to KL in Malaysia. This would increase the tourists from TN. It is now revealed that within the end of 2024 there would be direct flights from Chennai to Penang in Malaysia. This was according to the Penang tourism minister.

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