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Rise in the number of COPD cases now in Chennai is worrying!!

Posted on: 20/Jan/2024 9:11:57 AM
Many persons with breathing issues, chest tightness, fatigue, coughing, mucus production etc have been visiting the doctors now in Chennai. These are the symptoms of COPD and there is now an increase in the number of COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases cases in Chennai. The doctors have revealed that despite an increase in the COPD cases the patients are not adhering to the treatment. They have added that factors such as lack of awareness and myths regarding the protocol were to be blamed. It must be taken into account that COPD refers to a cluster of diseases that obstruct airflow and create respiratory issues.

In the urban places, there has been an increase in the air pollution and due to this more cases of COPD are present. As per Dr. Vinod Kumar, pulmonologist, belonging to Chennai based RGGGH it was clear that the COPD has become more in women also. He added that to prevent exacerbation of the symptoms people must be educated.

For optimal disease control, the patients must know about the correct inhaler usage plus strictly follow the doctor`s recommendations etc. It is noteworthy that COPD can be avoided by masking, vaccination and minimising the exposure to air pollution etc. It was later brought to light by another pulmonologist Dr. Logamurthy of ESIC hospital that the patients do not follow COPD treatment. 

He spoke about how the city based patients have challenges in improving treatment adherence. It is really shocking to note that many patients totally neglect COPD and do not get treated. It must be noted that many construction activities have been going on in Chennai and these activities would increase the air pollution. Already emissions from many vehicles have been leading to severe air pollution in Chennai is known.

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