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Southern Railway Resumes Dedicated Fast Local Trains to Improve Commuter Services

Posted on: 28/Nov/2023 12:59:42 PM
Chennai Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) B. Viswanath Eerya has issued orders for the Southern Railway to recommence the operation of fast local trains on dedicated lines in the west section, effective from Tuesday. This decision aims to address the concerns raised by thousands of office-goers from Arakkonam and Tiruvallur regarding delays in reaching Moore Market Complex (MMC) railway station.

Since March 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, fast local electric multiple units (EMUs) were operated on slow lines, causing disruptions in time management for both fast locals and suburban trains. This resulted in delays for incoming and outgoing trains at MMC railway station.

To alleviate the situation and enhance commuter services, Mr. Eerya has instructed divisional officials to operate fast locals on the dedicated track. This move is expected to benefit office-goers from Arakkonam, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur, and Avadi, facilitating timely travel to their workplaces.

The reintroduction of fast local train operations on the dedicated line is anticipated to improve the overall flow of suburban trains on the west section. Despite occasional delays due to planned engineering works, maintenance blocks, caution orders, and technical issues, the punctuality of suburban trains remains at 90% during the day on the MMC-Arakkonam section and 95% for overall train services in the city."