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Why suddenly Chennai airport was brimming with passengers yesterday?

Posted on: 28/Sep/2023 9:12:22 AM
The continuous holidays now have made many people travel to various places and due to this reason the Chennai airport yesterday had more people than usual. It must be noted that the people have started to plan their trips with their families and friends. Many started to go to their destinations on Wednesday.

The airport officers have confirmed that yesterday the airport was filled with more passengers like it would be during the festival days. This has led to more footfalls when compared to the previous days.

Increased ticket prices:

As the demand for travel was high, the prices of tickets also went up. In the normal situation, a flight trip from Chennai to Thailand would cost Rs 9000. Now for the 4 days, the prices of flight tickets touched Rs 32000. In the same manner, the flight ticket to Dubai now cost Rs 21500 from the previous rate of Rs 10500. In this week, the ticket prices to places like Singapore and Malaysia from Chennai have also increased.

As per some officers at the Chennai airport it was clear that the passenger footfalls have increased now when compared to the previous years.