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Warning issued by CMRL now to those who obstruct the train doors in metro trains during the peak hours!!

Posted on: 23/Sep/2023 9:21:55 AM
Metro trains in Chennai are crowded with many passengers these days as many travel in these trains to reach their destinations. People find it affordable and comfortable to travel in these metro trains. It has been found out that many passengers obstruct train doors during the peak hours creating issues for the others. The CMRL authorities are unhappy about this.

It must be noted that obstructing or blocking metro train doors would pose serious safety risks, disrupt services and could result in injuries etc.

The release from CMRL has mentioned that obstructing the train doors was not only a breach of safety protocols but also a punishable offence under the Section 67 of the Operations and Maintenance Act 2002. It added that the person found guilty could be punished and imprisoned up to 4 years and a fine amount up to Rs 5000 could be collected.

It is now brought out by CMRL that those passengers who witness people obstructing the train doors could report about that immediately to the customer care helpline- 1860 4251515.