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A huge relief for the domestic consumers of electricity in Chennai now!!

Posted on: 18/Sep/2023 11:45:56 AM
Getting huge amounts as bills for consuming electricity would now become a thing of the past for the domestic consumers. For this, the consumers would have to thank the latest amendment prioritising the data downloaded from the defective meters.

Currently, if the meter is found to be defective or burnt, the consumers are charged based on their 4th month average of the highest energy consumption in the preceding 12 months.

It must be noted that as per the amendments made to the TN Electricity supply Board if the meter was found to be defective or burnt or to have stopped to function or no theft of energy was suspected, then the quantity of electricity supplied during the period should be accessed based on the data downloaded through CMRI from the defective meter and should be scrutinised.

The amendment brought out that wherever such data downloading could not be carried out then the reason for not getting the meter tested or reason for not downloading data from the defective/ burnt meter should be recorded and signed by the authority designated.

It is important to mention that if the data cannot be downloaded from the meter then the quantity of energy supplied must be determined by taking the average of the electricity supplied in the preceding 4 months. Point is that the conditions with respect to the use of electricity during the said 4 months must not be different from those that prevailed during the period in question.

The important piece of information is that if the consumer considers the meters as defective or meter readings not in terms with the electricity consumption then he or she could apply to Tangedco to get the meter tested at the licensee`s lab. The consumer could also get their meters tested at the third party testing labs and would have to bear the charges for the test.

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