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Substantial increase in GST Collection - 12%! Rs. 1.57 Lakh Crores GST Collected!

Posted on: 02/Jun/2023 11:28:12 AM
The Central Ministry of Finance has informed that Rs. 1.57 Lakh Crores of Goods & Services Tax (GST) has been collected during May.

As compared to the collection in May of the previous year, this is higher by 12%!

In a notification released regarding this by the Central Ministry of Finance on Thursday (Yesterday, 1st June), it is mentioned:

"A GST of Rs. 157090 Crores has been collected in May 2023. Out of this, the Central GST is Rs. 28411 Crores and the State GST is Rs. 35828 Crores. Integrated GST collected is Rs. 81363 Crores. CESS tax collection is Rs. 11489 Crores.

This collection of GST is higher by 12% as compared to the 2022 MAY GST collection of Rs. 1,41 Lakhs Crores.

Third month in succession:

For the third month in succession, GST Collection has exceeded Rs. 150 Lakh Crores!

Last April, an unprecedented collection of GST of Rs. 187 Lakh Crores was made.

During the year of introduction of GST, 2017, from 1st July, this is the 5th time that GST Collection has exceeded Rs. 1.50 Lakh Crores.

Rs. 8953 Crores GST from Tamil Nadu!

During May, a GST Collection of Rs. 8953 Crores has been collected from the State of Tamil Nadu only!

This is higher by 13% as compared to the GST Collection in May 2022. May 2022 GST Collection was Rs. 7910 Crores.

A GST of Rs. 202 Crores has been collected from Puducherry. This is higher by 12 % as compared to GST Collected in May 2022.

A maximum GST of Rs. 23536 Crores has been collected in May from the State of Maharashtra. This is higher by 16% as compared to the GST collected in Maharashtra State in May 2022.

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