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Tamil Nadu Records Scorching Heatwave with Meenambakkam Reaching 41C

Posted on : 01/Jun/2023 7:37:59 PM

In a sweltering heatwave, Tamil Nadu experienced scorching temperatures today, with Meenampakkam emerging as the hottest place in the state, recording a blistering 41 degrees Celsius. Several other regions across Tamil Nadu also witnessed soaring temperatures, further intensifying the heatwave.

Here`s a comprehensive list of places in Tamil Nadu that reached or surpassed the 40-degree mark on June 1st, 2023:

Chennai City:

Meenambakkam: 41.0C
Vilivakkam: 40.9C
Guindy: 40.5C
Madhavaram: 40.2C
Nungambakkam: 40.1C

Chennai City Suburbs:

Vanagaram: 40.8C
Puzhal: 40.1C
Potheri: 40.1C

Other Regions:

Triuttani, Tiruvallur: 40.6C
Tirur, Tiruvallur: 40.1C
Vellore: 40.1C

Courtesy : Tamilnadu Weatherman 



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