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Traffic Diversion Plan Rolled Out for Marina Beach in Chennai on Weekends and Government Holidays

Posted on: 29/May/2023 11:03:36 AM
In an effort to ensure public safety and manage the large gatherings at Marina Beach during holidays, the Chennai city traffic police have announced a comprehensive traffic diversion plan. This plan will be implemented on weekends and government holidays to streamline the flow of vehicles and facilitate smooth movement in the vicinity of the beach.

Effective immediately, the following traffic diversions will be enforced:

1. Vehicles coming from the lighthouse area will be diverted at Kannagi statue towards Bharathi Salai, Bells Road, and Wallajah Road to reach their intended destinations.

2. Vehicles approaching from Rathna Cafe junction on Bharathi Salai and Bells Road junction towards Kannagi statue will not be permitted. They will be redirected towards Bells Road and Wallajah Road to reach their respective destinations.

3. Vehicles traveling from Anna Salai on Wallajah Road towards Bells Road will be diverted at the labour statue to reach their intended destinations. Bells Road will operate as a one-way street to facilitate smoother traffic flow.

4. Vehicles approaching from Adams Point will be redirected at the labour statue towards Kannagi statue, Bharathi Salai, Bells Road, and Wallajah Road to reach their desired destinations.

Furthermore, to enhance traffic management and safety, Victoria Hostel Road will be converted into a one-way street. Entry will only be permitted from the Bharathi Salai junction, and no entry will be allowed from the Wallajah Salai junction.