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India to Launch ₹75 Commemorative Coin to Celebrate New Parliament Building Inauguration

Posted on: 26/May/2023 11:22:38 AM
The Ministry of Finance has announced that a special ₹75 coin will be launched to commemorate the inauguration of India`s new parliament building. The coin holds special significance as it coincides with the country`s celebration of 75 years of independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil the commemorative coin during a ceremony on Sunday, honoring this milestone moment.

One side of the coin will showcase the renowned Lion Capital of the Ashoka Pillar, with the national motto "Satyamev Jayate" inscribed below it. On the left side, the word "Bharat" will be written in Devanagari script, while the word "India" will be displayed in English on the right side. The Lion Capital will also be accompanied by the rupee symbol and the denomination value of 75 in international numerals.

The reverse side of the coin will feature a captivating image of the parliament complex. The upper periphery will bear the words "Sansad Sankul" in Devanagari script, while "Parliament Complex" will be inscribed in English on the lower periphery.

Designed in a circular shape with a diameter of 44 millimeters, the coin will possess 200 serrations along its edges, adding to its distinctive appeal. Weighing 35 grams, the coin will be composed of a four-part alloy, consisting of 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, and 5% zinc.

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