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Know about these various tastes that would reveal the presence of multiple health conditions in us?

Posted on: 26/May/2023 9:02:56 AM
After eating foods such as garlic and onions etc, there will be a weird or bad taste in our mouths. This bad taste could also be due to poor oral hygiene etc. Not many of us would associate the several tastes in the mouth to the health issues. Fact is that there are several diseases etc that could lead to several tastes in the mouths. Those who are having bad or different  tastes in their mouths must not take the issue lightly and must consult a doctor without fail.

These different tastes would reveal about the underlying health issue in us

Sweet taste:

The presence of high levels of glucose could contribute to the sweet taste in the mouth of a person. Truth is that the body is finding it difficult to regulate blood sugar. Apart from the sweet taste, the person might also have increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision etc.

Metallic taste:

The presence of gum disease or gum infection, diabetes, kidney disease , liver disease etc could contribute to the metallic taste in the mouth. There are also possibilities of the presence of metallic tastes due to issues like heartburn, acid reflux etc. Along with the metallic taste, the person might also have other issues like decreased sense of smell or tastes, dry mouth etc.

Bitter taste:

It is noteworthy that the bitter taste in us could be due to many health issues in us like liver issues or gallbladder issues or GERD issues etc. Bitter taste could be accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain etc also. The person with this issue must consult a doctor for treatment. There are also chances that people could have bitter taste in their mouths due to some hormonal changes or due to medications used or due to stress etc also.

Sour taste:

Sometimes, a person could have a sour taste in the mouth and this could occur when the acid present in the stomach goes to the oesophagus. Acid reflux or GERD could cause the stomach acid to go to the oesophagus.  Nutritional deficiency, infections and nerve issues could also be revealed by the sour taste in the mouth.

Salty taste:

If there is less saliva present in the mouth, then we could have a salty taste in the mouth. The production of less saliva could happen due to dehydration and the body might be trying to conserve water. The person could also have issues like dry mouth, thirst etc.

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