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Do you know about these types of chest pain that can occur in us?

Posted on: 25/May/2023 9:27:31 AM
Sometimes, we could get pain in the chest area and this is chest pain. It is true that we all worry too much regarding chest pain. The chest pain could spread slowly to parts like arms, neck and jaw etc also. It is noteworthy that chest pain could either be sharp or it could be dull also. 

There are several symptoms associated with chest pain such as pressure, fullness, tightness in the chest area, crushing pain that would spread to the back, shortness of breath and cold sweats etc. The serious nature of the chest pain is indicated by a sudden crushing pain in the chest area. Chest pain could be due to heart issues or it could be due to lung based infection, strain in the muscle etc.

There are as many 8 types of chest pain and these are


Sometimes, we could get squeezing pressure in the chest portion and this type of chest pain might reveal the presence of coronary heart disease in us. Here, there would be reduced blood flow to the heart. So, please take care.


There are some  sheet-like layers that cover the lungs and these are called pleura. When this sheet gets infamammed then we could get pleuritis condition in us. Those with pleuritis chest pain would have sharp pain in their chest while breathing. This type of pain would also be present in the shoulders.

Panic attack:

There are times when a person would get panic attacks or have feelings of sudden and intense anxiety. The symptoms associated with panic attacks are shaking of hands, feeling disoriented etc. it is believed that the factors that can cause panic attacks are prolonged stress, overbreathing etc.


A viral infection that can lead to painful rashes is shingles. Chest pain in us could also be due to shingles where chest pain would develop before the rashes develop. It is worthy to note that the chest pain that is due to shingles would be like a band of sharp pain.


Point is that costochondritis is an inflammation where ribs join the bone in the middle of the chest.  Costochondritis is not a serious issue and there are treatments available to cure this condition.

Gastroesophageal reflux:

Here, the chest pain is characterised by heartburn due to acid reflux. Those with this issue would have gastric juice f flowing towards their oesophagus from the stomach leading to heartburn.


Lack of nutrients, muscle tension, muscle overuse could lead to muscle spasms in us. The chest pain due to this would be due to the narrowing of the  esophagus.


The presence of lung infection could lEad to pneumonia in us. The pain due to this issue would be like a sharp stabbing sensation.

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