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Health issues we could get by eating fruits sprinkled with masala or salt or sugar etc on fruits!!

Posted on: 14/Apr/2023 9:08:14 AM
We all would have eaten fruits sprinkled with masala or sugar or salt etc. Example eating mango pieces with masala or eating pineapple pieces with masala etc.

Have you ever thought about whether this would give us the much needed nutritional benefits?

It is known that eating fruits alone would reduce the diabetes risk plus inflammation, heart issues etc  . Fruits also are good to eat when compared to eating unhealthy snacks.

Point is that we might not have noticed water coming out of the fruits when they are sprinkled with masala etc. This would denote nutritional loss. In addition, the presence of sodium in the salts and masala would lead to some health problems for us.

Eating pre-cut fruits sprinkled with masala or salt would be superb for the taste buds but there are certain health issues also we could get by this. The health issues are

Leads to weight gain:

It must be noted that by adding extra sugar on the fruits and eating them would lead to weight increase in us. This would be due to an increase in the daily calories.

Drains nutrients:

Point is that by sprinkling salt or masala on the fruits would drain out the much needed vitamins and minerals etc from the fruits. When a person consumes fruits without sprinkled salts etc then the water seepage from the fruits would be less and due to this nutrients would be kept intact.

Affects kidneys:

Sodium is added unwantedly to the fruits when we add salt to the fruits. The salted fruits would make our bodies retain water and thereby affect our kidneys. Those persons with kidney issues must consume fruits without adding any salt or masala etc. So, please be careful.

Causes bloating:

The poor pH and water retention of sodium due to addition of masala to the fruits would lead to bloating issues in us. We would feel uncomfortable due to bloating.

Causes heart disease or strokes etc:

It is worthy to note that by sprinkling salt to the fruits we could also get serious life threatening issues like heart diseases and strokes etc. So, please try to avoid that.

What to add to the fruits?

In the summer season, cardamomom and pepper etc could be sprinkled on the fruits and then we can consume them. In the winter season, cinnamon and clove powder etc could be sprinkled on the fruits and then we can consume the fruits.

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