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Amazingl!! New terminal at Chennai airport getting ready for international flight operations in this manner!!

Posted on: 13/Apr/2023 9:08:38 AM
Next week, a trial run would take place at the newly inaugurated terminal at the Chennai airport. It is now said that the international flyers could be able to witness this new terminal in this trial run/

Before shifting the operations to this newly inaugurated terminal here, the AAI would handle international flights as a part of the trial. On the 20th of April, a USA-Bangla flight would be operated through this new terminal. To provide a wide range of amenities for the flyers, food/beverage stalls and retail shops have been set up. In the future, more shops would be set up here. This was according to some officers at the airport.

The trial would be carried out mainly to know whether all the systems are working well. This was according to Mr. Sharad Kumar, airport director. He spoke about how passenger issues would also be brought to light in this upcoming trial. The feedback got from the trial run would be taken into account to improve the facilities and procedures etc.

It is learnt that narrow body flights to short haul destinations would be the first to move to the new building. A calibrated approach would be taken to shift flights from the present terminal to the new one.  The shifting would take place gradually only with few flights getting shifted to the new terminal now. Later on, some more flights would be shifted to the new terminal. This would be done mainly to avoid any inconvenience to the passengers.

The procedure that would be needed to follow to handle passengers, flights, baggage etc at the new terminal has been discussed by the authorities with customs, airlines, immigration, CISF etc.  International arrivals and departures would be shifted to the new building in the future and the old building would be dismantled when all the international flights get shifted to the new building.

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