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Chennai Corporation offers 20% concession to property owners for pending taxes

Posted on: 29/Mar/2023 9:09:38 AM
The Chennai Corporation has passed a resolution to offer a 20% concession to property owners who pay their dues within three months. The resolution, passed during the second day of Budget 2023-24, aims to collect long-pending property taxes. According to the resolution, Rs 674.27 crore was pending until the beginning of the third quarter of the financial year 2022. Of this, Rs 245.31 crore were dues pending for more than 10 years. The resolution further noted that Rs 124.24 crore worth of property taxes were marked as unretrievable due to court cases and untraceable property owners. The concession would be given using the Municipal Chennai Corporation Act, 1919. The resolution aims to encourage property owners to pay their dues, thereby saving expenditures on court cases and human resources.