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Central Government Announcement: Face masks mandatory in public places!

Posted on: 24/Mar/2023 1:46:01 PM
After a gap of 4 months, the coronavirus pandemic has resurfaced and is spreading rapidly. A new version of the coronavirus, named XPP1.16, is spreading, creating panic among the public.

Yesterday (Thursday, 23rd March), the number of new coronavirus cases crossed 1,000 after a gap of 138 days. It was confirmed that 1,134 citizens were affected by the virus, increasing the number of coronavirus cases to 7,026.

Yesterday alone, 5 coronavirus patients lost their lives, increasing the total number of deaths to 530,813.

Meanwhile, the influenza virus is also spreading rapidly. The Central Government had cautioned 6 State Governments, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala, about this issue.

In Kerala, coronavirus infections were confirmed in 210 people on a single day. Therefore, a high-level meeting was organized under the leadership of the State Health Minister, Veena George, on Thursday, March 23rd.

During this meeting, due to the increasing number of coronavirus patients, the Kerala State Health Minister ordered extra beds to be arranged in hospitals and sufficient stock of ventilators to be kept in the ICUs. The Kerala State Medical Services Corporation Limited was also ordered to confirm the availability of sufficient stock of testing equipment and medicines.

The Minister announced that wearing face masks in public places is mandatory.