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Be aware!! Avoid drinking fruit juices in these instances as it might be dangerous for health!!

Posted on: 24/Mar/2023 9:27:22 AM
We all would feel refreshed after drinking a glass of freshly made juice!!

These days, taking health into consideration, the majority of us have started to drink fresh juices instead of cold fizzy drinks etc. It is true that there are some people who have even replaced their foods with juices.  How many of us know the fact that consuming fruit juices always would not be good for our health. This doesn`t mean that we have to stop consuming the fruit juices totally.

There are few instances where we must avoid drinking fruit juices and these are

Immediately after waking up:

These days, many of us avoid drinking coffee or tea and start the day by drinking fresh fruit juices. This would create issues in the long run. When we get up in the morning, our stomachs would be acidic in nature and we must be careful not to drink anything that would disrupt the digestion. The pancreas would get harmed by drinking juices due to the fructose overload. Drinking orange or lime juices etc after waking up would lead to acidity issues etc. It is superb to drink coconut water or coriander water etc.

Immediately before and after workouts in gym:

Doing workouts in the gym has now become part and parcel of our lives. Many of us drink juices before and after working outs in the gym etc. Truth is that consuming juice before going to the gym would provide us with energy but would not sustain us for a long time. Some people might get stomach cramps etc. It would be good to drink juice an hour before workouts or atleast 20 min after workouts in the gym.

Before boarding a flight:

To many of us, travelling by flight would not be comfortable and that would be due to motion sickness issues. Poor dietary choices would also make us feel uncomfortable during the flight journeys. We must refrain from drinking fruit juices before boarding a flight because the high sugar content in juices would lead to indigestion.

Before bedtime:

There are more chances of putting on weight when we drink juices before bed. This could be due to the fact that the natural fructose levels could affect our insulin levels. We could become obese and there would be an increased risk of getting metabolic syndrome. Those in the weight loss process must not drink juices before going to bed. The intake of juices before bed might lead to acidity issues also in some persons.

If you are a diabetic:

High fibre diet is usually recommended by the doctors for ththose with diabetes. The bitter fact is that the fibre content would get lost when the fruit becomes juice.Though the juices retain some nutrients, the fructose content could become an issue for the diabetic persons. These persons would experience a rapid spike in their blood sugar levels by drinking juices. It is learnt that in the long run the persons might gain weight and this would worsen their condition. So, please be careful.

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