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Women can improve their progesterone levels by eating these important foods!!

Posted on: 23/Mar/2023 9:21:29 AM
Do you know that our everyday functions are regulated by the hormones present in us?

Along with estrogen, progesterone is one of the primary sex hormones that is produced by the ovary of a woman. It is noteworthy that progesterone separates women from men. Sometimes, the progesterone levels in women would reduce and this could lead to lots of health issues for them. A woman could have issues like irregular periods, low libido, anxiety, waking up in the nights etc due to low levels of progesterone hormone.  Hence, it is very important that a woman must take care of her and address the low levels of this hormone as soon as possible. By making the right diet adjustments  and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, the body of women would be able to produce progesterone.

There are few foods that a woman with low progesterone levels must eat.These foods are

Intake of bananas:

It is known that bananas have magnesium and this magnesium is involved in the progesterone hormone production. By regulating the pituitary glands, banana intake could regulate the hormone production and that would in turn regulate progesterone production.

Intake of walnuts:

The presence of sterols in the walnuts would help in the production of progesterone in women. The walnuts also have vitamin B6 and this would play a huge role in the production of progesterone.

Intake of okra or ladies finger:

It must be noted that the magnesium and zinc present in okra would help in balancing the progesterone hormone.

Intake of pumpkin seeds:

The pumpkin seeds have zinc present in them and this zinc would help in the production of progesterone hormone in women.

Intake of almonds:

Apart from providing various health benefits, intake of almonds would also help in the production of progesterone hormones in women. This is due to the presence of vitamin E in almonds.

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