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Celebrating the Joyous Festival of Yugadi: The New Year for Telugu and Kannada People

Posted on: 22/Mar/2023 10:20:43 AM
Yugadi, the festival of the new year for Telugu and Kannada people, is celebrated in South India and some parts of North India. 

The festival marks the beginning of spring and is calculated based on the movement of the moon. The festival is known by different names in different regions, such as Kudipatwa in Maharashtra and Seti Chand in Sindhi. According to Hindu mythology, Yugadi is the day when Lord Brahma started his creative work and the day when Kaliyuga began. It is considered an auspicious day for starting new ventures.

To celebrate Yugadi, people wake up early, take an oil bath, and wear new clothes. They cook a delicious feast with Yugadi or Ugadi Pachadi, a special dish made with jaggery, neem, mango, tamarind, salt, and chillies. Just like Tamil New Year, there is a custom of reading Panchangam, a Hindu calendar, on Yugadi. People decorate their houses with mavilai torans and colorful kolams.

This year, Yugadi was celebrated on Today (March 22). The festival is an important one in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Konkan.

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