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Sensational!! The first exclusive new temple for Goddess Padmavati built now in Chennai!!

Posted on: 18/Mar/2023 9:01:48 AM
The devotees of Goddess Padmavati in Chennai have now got a reason to rejoice!!

On Friday, 17th March 2023, a new temple of Goddess Padmavati was consecrated in Chennai. This caught the attention of many. It is known that Goddess Padmavati is consort of Lord Venkateswara.

An amount of Rs 10 crores was used to construct the temple and the tower of Goddess Padmavati. This new temple that was built by TTD looked similar to the temple at Tiruchanur at Tirupati in AP.

The sensational piece of information is that this new temple from TTD in chennai is the first exclusive temple built for Goddess Padmavati in the city of Chennai. There are many devotees in Chennai who are unable to travel all the way to Tiruchanur in Tirupati to get the darshan of Goddess Padmavatu and for them this new temple would be superb.

The Venkatnarayana Road in the busy T. Nagar is now home to both Lord Venkateswara temple and for Goddess Padmavati temple. This new temple has been built just a few kilometres away from the famous TTD temple. Point is that a new temple for Goddess Padmavati has been constructed on the land that was donated to the TTD by the yesteryear famous actress Kanchana.

Yesterday, the maha kumbabishekam of the new temple took place from 7:30am to 7:44 am and there was chanting of vedic hymns with traditional rituals etc. Holy waters were poured  in the kalasams atop the temple.Others who were present on the occasion were HR and CE minister Mr. Sekar Babu, TTD Chairman Mr. YV. Subba Reddy etc.

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