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What health benefits could we get when we massage our feet daily before sleep?

Posted on: 17/Mar/2023 9:17:34 AM
How many of us know that foot massage is an alternative and complementary medicine used across the world?

After doing lots of work throughout the day, we all would feel very tired. So, massaging the feet before sleep would be superb. It is true that feet play an important role in our daily lives as they carry us to many places. Hence, it is essential that we must spend some time keeping our feet strong and in good health.

It was brought out by some health experts that we must massage our feet atleast one hour before going to bed. Not many of us would know that by massaging our feet before bed, we could get several health benefits. In many cultures, foot massage is being practised to promote health and well being. Feet massage is used as an alternative medicine across the world.

There are many health benefits we could get by doing a foot massage before sleep.

Enhances blood circulation:

The sedentary lifestyles have led to poor circulation of blood in us. By doing a foot massage regularly, the blood circulation would become better and we could avoid heart diseases etc. There are possibilities of avoiding varicose veins in the legs by regular foot massages.

Relieves pain in the legs:

Restless leg syndrome could be avoided by doing foot massages regularly. Our nerves would become relaxed when we massage our feet with coconut oil. This would then provide relief against the restless leg syndrome.

Lowers BP:

It is superb to note here that by doing a foot massage before going to sleep then our anxiety would reduce and then our blood pressure would also reduce.

Body acids would get removed:

Lactic acids are produced in the muscles when we do strenuous exercises. By doing a foot massage daily for 20 minutes before sleep, we could avoid lactic acids. Bitter truth is that when we leave lactic acids without treating it then we might get several issues in our feet. The muscle would become very tired (due to accumulation of lactic acids) and might not contract effectively.

Relieves joint pain:

We could get relief from any type of joint pain if we massage our feet daily before sleep. It is necessary to give importance to pressure points present in the soles and heels of the foot.

Provides relief from  headaches:

For atleast 15 minutes before bed, if we massage our feet, then we could avoid getting headaches etc. Our brain would become calmed down by this and would reduce headaches.

Good for pregnant mothers:

During pregnancy, it is natural that women would have fluids accumulated in their legs. By doing a foot massage, the fluid would go to the kidneys and from kidneys fluids would be flushed out.

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