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Pleasing News for visitors to Chennai Airport!

Posted on: 21/Feb/2023 12:37:12 PM
A pleasing news for the flight passengers and citizens visiting the Chennai Metro City Airport: Additional facilities have been introduced in the Chennai Metro City Airport from today (Tuesday, 21st February).

The Integrated Federation of Indian Airports is scheduled to be inaugurated at Chennai Airport today (Tuesday, 21st February).

With this inauguration and functioning, the delays in flight times will decrease, and initiatives will be taken to make the passengers` flights more pleasant!

  • Extra attention will be given to correct information communication in a short time, decisions taken on various issues, and solving them.
  • Further, it is announced that the following projects such as taken up and implemented:
  • Modernization of the airport, runways, etc., will be taken up.
  • The exact location of the aircraft,
  • Doors and terminals and their proper usage will be checked and ensured.
  • Reduction of traffic in the lounge of the passengers waiting for their flights will also be taken up and solved.
  • Saving aviation fuel and reduction of emission of carbon-di-oxide.
  • Enhancement of the announcements of the flight`s departures and arrivals

Once these activities are undertaken and implemented, it is expected that delays in flights will be reduced. The long-waiting of flight passengers standing in long queues will be reduced. The departures and the return flights will not get delayed. It is worth noting that these facilities are already in practice in private airports!

The Members of the Integrated Airport Federation will be able to exchange information on time and take up the next planned activities. It is explained that with this, any problems occurring will be taken up immediately and solved at the earliest!

Most importantly, as it is expected that the present condition of 35 flights in an hour in the Chennai Airport, to change over to 45 flights in an hour in the coming months, the expected additional traffic can be handled rather easily!