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Ideal timing for undertaking Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai on Full Moon Day announced!

Posted on: 03/Feb/2023 11:26:53 AM
The ideal time for undertaking Girivalam on the occasion of the Full Moon Day (Pournami or Poornima day for the Tamil Calendar month of `Thai`)) at the Thiruvannamalai Temple of Lord Arunchaleswarar has been announced!

As a tradition over the last few centuries, lakhs of devotees visiting to have the Darshan of Lord Arunchaleswarar and His Consort Goddess Unnamulaiamman undertake the `Girivalam` (Undertaking a walk around the bottom of the mountain) before the Darshan!

In this situation, the Temple administration of the Thiruvannamalai temple has announced that the `Thithi` of Pournami in the Tamil Calendar month of Thai is set to occur from 10.42 PM tomorrow (Saturday, 4th February) until 12.48 midnight the next day (Sunday, 5th February). As such, the devotees may undertake the Girivalam` during this period!

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