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Central Finance Minister on Budget: 7 impotent avenues given importance!

Posted on: 01/Feb/2023 3:50:13 PM
The Central Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman has explained that 7 avenues including integrated growth, growth until the final stage, and infrastructure development have been given priority in this budget 2023-24.

The Central Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman presented the budget for the Financial Year 2023-24 today (Wednesday, 1st February). After the presentation of the budget, she addressed the parliament:

  • The budget has been presented after the 76th year after independence.
  • This budget will be the next step as per last year`s budget platform.
  • Presently, India is a glittering star in the global economy.
  • India will attain a growth of 7% economic growth! This is much higher as compared to several other countries!
  • Countries across the globe have acknowledged the good health of the Indian Economy.
  • This budget will encompass several aspects including the welfare of citizens of backward communities, Ancient Tribes, and women!
  • In the Global ranking of economy, India has moved up from the 10th position to the 5th position!
  • The Individual income level has doubled in the last 9 years.
  • Under the Ujjwala Scheme, 9.6 Crores LPG cooking gas cylinder connections have been given!
  • 44 Crores citizens have benefited from the Prime Minister`s Insurance Scheme.
  •  Under the Prime Minister`s Kisan Scheme, Over Rs. 22 Lakhs Crores funds have been given to 11.4 Core agriculturists.
  • Rs. 2 Lakh Crores have been allotted for Food Grain distribution!
  • Under the `lean India` Scheme, 11.75 Crors toilets have been constructed!
  • Various activities have been undertaken for the development of Green Fuel and Green Agriculture.
  • India assuming the leading state in the G20 Group of Nations is indeed a matter of pride!
  • 44.6 Crores Citizens have been covered under insurance.
  • The 7 avenues of Integrated growth, growth until the final stage, and infrastructure development have been given priority, green growth, skill growth of the youth, and development of the Finance Department have been given special priority in this budget 2023-24.
  • India is the largest producer of small grains!
  • Funds will be allotted for the startups in the field of agriculture development.
  • A separate company is being set up in Hyderabad for the Research on Small Grains!
  •  An integrated platform will be set up linking all the cooperatives in the country!
  •  157 Nursing colleges are to be set up in association with the existing medical colleges!
  • Widespread godowns, depots or storage arrangements will be set up for collecting and saving agricultural products!

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