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Freight Lorries on strike for 3 days from today, 1st February!

Posted on: 01/Feb/2023 11:12:03 AM
The Tamil Nadu Sand Lorries Owners` Association has informed that they will stop plying the sand lorries for 3 days from today (Wednesday, 1st February) as a protest against the government`s efforts to increase the extent of load on the lorries!

The President of the All M-Sand and Sand Lorry Owners` Association, Yuvaraj, shared in this regard:

"Accidents are increasing in the State of Tamil Nadu every passing day! One of the main reasons for this is the fact that freight lorries are being loaded 5 times more than the set weight allowed!

With this, there is an increasing trend of the theft of the freight carrier and the roads and the Lorries both get damaged and this leads to more accidents! An additional penalty of Rs. 2000/- for each additional ton of freight MUST BE LEVIED to PREVENT THIS! In this regard, the High Court has ordered that stringent action must be taken on this violation on the driver and the vehicle owner!

With this, the Lorry Owners have been refusing to carry the additional loads! On the other hand, the contractors who won the tender on this have proceeded to buy their Lorries and operate their vehicles carrying several tons of load thereby stealing the sand! Ignoring the rule that excess weight MUST not be allowed on freight-carrying vehicles, even the traffic police and the transport authorities get bribed and allow the overladen vehicles!

Seeking a solution to the above major issue, we have decided to stop plying vehicles carrying freight in the districts of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Thiruvallur, Vellore, Ranippettai, Cuddalore, and Thiruvannamalai from today (Wednesday, 1st February) for 3 days as a token protest against the above situation! We have also submitted a petition to the Traffic Department Commissioner!"