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Be careful!! If your knees are weak then you would have these symptoms for sure!!

Posted on: 31/Jan/2023 5:39:52 PM
Do you feel throbbing discomfort and sharp twinges in front of your knee, then please don`t ignore it!!

Many of us would have wondered how bending of our knees and then straightening it back is easily possible. Truth is that a mellow or articular cartilage is responsible for this easily bending and straightening of our knees. The edges of the leg bones in us are covered by this slippery substance and it gives the much needed protection to the leg bones. 

To cushion our knee joint, 2  c-shaped pieces of meniscal cartilage between the bones would act as coil springs. Point is that weak knees in us are due to issues like ligament strains, muscle strains and osteoarthritic cartilage damage etc.

It is shocking to mention that when the cartilage wears away totally then the bone would rub against another bone and to compensate for this cartilage loss the dented bones might expand outwards. This could result in severe pain in the knee joints.

Various factors that could worsen knee pain are running, skipping, sitting for a long time with a bent knee etc.

Various symptoms that would indicate that your knee is weak are

Having severe pain:

The pain in the joints can last for a few days to months or several years too. Truth is that depending on the root cause the pain could be felt in one joint as in the cases of osteoarthritis or in several joints as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Feeling stiffness:

As a result of injury, or chronic history or overloading etc, knees would swell due to the accumulation of the fluids inside the knee. This could result in muscle spasms or soreness etc. The swelling might be subtle in some cases and the person might not even be aware of it unless he or she has traumatic injury. Knee stiffness might be there as the inflammation might not be noticeable.

Hearing cracking sound:

When a person gets up and hears a cracking or crunching sound, then the person would have weak knees. The person might feel that his or her knees are unstable and it might break easily. It is highly necessary to go to an orthopaedician if the knee gets frozen or struck up often.

Weak muscles:

It is noteworthy that muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius would play a huge role in the longevity of our knees. The muscles would begin to deteriorate without any symptoms when the person is not up for appropriate physical exercise on a regular basis. It is true that when these above said muscles become compromised then it could lead to weak knees etc in us.

Not able to straighten knee:

By not being able to straighten our knees, we could feel distressed. One important reason for this could be due to osteoarthritis issues. Those people who put a compression load on their knees would get this condition soon.

Torn ligament:

Knee frailty could occur if a person had ruptured PCL or LCL in the past and if they do not allow their   damaged knee ligaments to recover. Point is that fragile ligaments would affect the durability mechanisms of the knee. It must be n noted that a weak knee might reveal the presence of a new LCL injury also and unless the person gets it examined by a doctor we cannot be sure of it.

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