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What is hidden behind the grandeur at OMR in Chennai is really shocking?

Posted on: 27/Jan/2023 9:38:35 AM
If you travel along the OMR in Chennai, then you could come across clean roads, many tall buildings and highly rich localities etc, but how many of us really know what is hidden behind these grandeur here?

It is true that many people living in the OMR or Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai have been spending lots of money for their sewage clearing work. Now, the residents here demand an underground sewage system.

There are many tall buildings housing several IT companies at OMR in south Chennai and the skyline here is highly impressive. Going deeply, the situation of the residents here is worrying now. Every month, an amount of Rs 2000 is being spent on the sewage lorries alone.The sorry state of the people here is now hidden behind the grandeur of OMR.

For 8000 litres, the private lorries charge Rs 1600 to Rs 2000 on an average and for 12000litres they charge Rs 1800 plus. It is learnt that CMWSSB charges Rs 600 to Rs 900 for 6000litres to 8000litres.

It was revealed by Mr. Gomathi Nayagam, general secretary , Federation of Neelankarai Residents Welfare Association and  a resident in  the locality since 2006 that from the panchayat the locality came under GCC about a decade back.

He spoke about how the civic conscious people rope in tankers to clean their septic tanks in their houses. The bitter truth is that the private lorries respond much faster to the demands of the public here when compared to the lorries from CMWSSB.

The underground sewage system has been promised by the TN govt but nothing has happened until now. This was according to some residents here. Most big apartments treat 90% of the generated sewage in their premises itself and then use the water for the gardens etc. The private lorries are being called by the residents of the apartment etc for the removal of sludge.

The reliability plus the ease of booking have made the private lorries more preferable now than the lorries operated by CMWSSB. There will be a proper underground sewage system here soon and this was assured per an officer from  Metro water dept. 

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