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BE CAREFUL!!- Chennai Corporation cautions residents now!!

Posted on: 09/Dec/2022 9:04:39 AM
With the Cyclone Mandous fast approaching, the Chennai Corporation has advised the public to avoid visiting beaches at this point of time. It is known that the Chennai Meteorological Centre has issued a warning for the public due to this cyclone.

In this scenario, IMD has issued a press release and as per the release the low pressure area or LPA over the Bay of Bengal has now strengthened into a cyclonic storm.  As the storm is expected to cause damage in Chennai, GCC has taken several precautionary steps. As manya s 8o5 motor pumps have been kept ready in many low lying areas in Chennai to pump out the stagnated water. To accommodate the residents, as many as 169 relief centers have been kept ready now.  

It must be noted that when the cyclone crosses the coast winds would reach speeds of 80kmph. The trees would be uprooted due to heavy winds. Information gathered is that to cut down the fallen trees 272 tree  cutters are kept ready now. In Addition, 2 vehicle mounted tree cutters, 6 hydraulic tree cutters etc have been kept ready. One JCP per one area for removal of fallen trees and branches and totally 45 JCP vehicles and 115 tipper lorries are kept ready. In each tent or hall, for emergency sake, the officers have been asked to keep the small light vehicle (Tata Ace) vehicle and 10 personnel.

The public have been asked to stay away from Marina Beach, Elliot`s Beach in Besant Nagar etc as a storm warning has been issued by the meteorological dept. By the time the cyclonic storm makes landfall, the winds would be very high and due to this the public have been asked not to stand under trees etc.

Public could contact these landline numbers  044 2561 9206/ 9207/ 9208 & Whatsapp number 9445477205 of the Chennai Corporation for emergency purpose.

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