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Shocking!! Derelict condition of the smart bikes in Chennai!!

Posted on: 05/Dec/2022 9:42:26 AM
How would you react if you come to know that more than 1000 smart bikes have been lying in a very bad state for 2 years across Chennai? Shocked right!!

With few takers, the smart bikes that were introduced under the Chennai Smart City Mission have been lying in derelict state now. On Saturday outside Porur park, 5 damaged smart bikes were spotted by a commuter. He mentioned that more than 1000 smart bikers have been lying in a sorry state in Chennai for about 2 years. 

No effort has been taken till now either by GCC or by  the officials belonging to Chennai Smart City Limited to improve the condition of these smart bikes. It is known that an amount of Rs 30 crores was spent for introducing smart bikes in the city. Point is that these smart bikes have been damaged and seats and chains have been stolen or missing.

Complex apps, poor accessibility along with lack of awareness and poor infrastructure / maintenance etc were responsible for the failure of this initiative. It was later mentioned by some officers from Chennai Corporation that Smart Mobility Limited was supposed to maintain the smart bikes and would look into the issue.