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Take a note of these illnesses caused due to low levels of vitamin B12!!

Posted on: 30/Nov/2022 5:31:38 PM
We could get physical, mental and neurological problems if we don`t have enough vitamin B12 in us.

A water soluble vitamin that is involved in metabolism in humans is vitamin B12. It is also known as cobalamin. The main function of vitamin B12 is to form DNA and RBCs. In the development as well as functioning of brain and nerve cells etc, vitamin B12 plays an important role.

This vitamin B12 is found mostly in meat, eggs, dairy products etc. It is noteworthy that vegans or vegetarian eaters could get the much needed vitamin B12 by eating foods like yoghurt, fortified plant based milk, fortified cereals etc. The senior persons have more chances of getting vitamin B12 deficiency and therefore they must check their vitamin B12 levels compulsorily. Dietary changes have been responsible for the vitamin B12 deficiency in us.

There are certain symptoms associated with vitamin B12 deficiency and these are mouth ulcers, shortness of breath, loose stools, urinary irritation, frequent depression and finger pigmentation etc.

Illnesses that are possible due to deficiency of vitamin B12 are

Cardiac diseases:
It is true that when we have coronary artery disease or peripheral vascular disease setc, our vitamin b12 levels would be poor.

Neurological issues:
There are several neurological disorders that can occur due to low levels of vitamin B12 in us. They are weakness, decreased sensation of feet and hands, dementia, reduced taste, vision issues etc.

One of the most frequent reasons for getting anemia is deficiency of vitamin B12. Here, the body would not be able to make enough RBCs as it doesn`t have enough vitamin B12.

Pregnancy issues:
The pregnant mothers must have enough vitamin B12 levels or else the baby would be born with low weight. Preterm birth issues are also possible. It is learnt that lack of vitamin B12 in pregnant mothers would lead to neural tube defects.