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Why is intake of supari or betel nuts good for health?

Posted on: 29/Nov/2022 5:42:18 PM
How many of us really know that consuming betel nuts would be good for our health?

Seed of the palm tree is areca nut or supari or also known as betel nuts and they have lots of nutrients in them like arecoline, arecaine plus others like alkaloids and gallic acids etc. It is noteworthy that betel nut is often chewed after being ground up or sliced and wrapped in the leaves of the piper betel vine.

We could get several health benefits by consuming betel nuts. These are

Good for oral health:
It is important to mention here that betel nut intake would prevent the formation of holes or cavities etc on the enamel. Betel nuts would provide a soothing effect for toothaches. We could be free from bad breath by chewing betel nuts in the mouth. By this, more saliva would be produced in the mouth and dry mouth issues would not be there. This would prevent bad breath.

Improves digestion:
It is true that betel nuts intake would prevent indigestion and restore appetite. The betel nuts would be superb for the gut health and this would be due to the carminative, intestinal and anti-flatulent properties. The issue of constipation would not be there at all as the digestive health would be superb. Betel nuts would also increase the metabolism and stimulate the intestines to absorb minerals, vitamins etc. As it would stimulate the CNS, some persons use betel nuts as recreational drugs also

Improves concentration levels:
The concentration levels would get boosted by intake of betel nuts. In addition, betel nuts would increase serotonin in the brain. As a result, we would be free from issues like anxiety and depression etc.

Helps maintain women`s health:
In women, there would be yellowish discharge and this could be due to Estrogen imbalance. This is called leucorrhea. By consuming betel nuts, the hormonal imbalance issue would not be there and irregular periods etc would be prevented. Issues such as abdominal pain and cramps could get reduced by consuming betel nuts every day before the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Improves blood sugar levels:
Those with type-2 diabetes would be highly beneficial if they consume betel nuts. Truth is that by consuming betel nuts would prevent oxidative stress and inflammation would get lowered. The risk of developing anemia gets reduced with the intake of betel nuts.

Treats schizophrenia:
It is known that schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which the person would interpret reality abnormally. Lifelong treatment is needed for this issue. Betel nuts could be used t to treat this issue also.

Prevents diarrhoea:
Sometimes, the stomach and intestines in us would fail to digest liquid and food and due to this the body would expel large amounts of water fluids. This is diarrhoea. By consuming betel nuts, the affected person would recover well.

Improves muscle strength:
It must be noted that persons affected with strokes would have poor muscle strength. As a result, they would have slurred speech. Muscle strength can be regained by intake of betel nuts.