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Confusion on the first day of the special camp for Aadhaar electricity linking in Chennai!!

Posted on: 29/Nov/2022 9:37:39 AM
After it was announced by the EB that the consumers could link their Aadhaar number with electricity connection at the special camps, there was lots of confusion yesterday (first day) at the camps. The elder persons found it difficult as there were long queues because the linking process was delayed due to server issues.

One of the 2 bill paying counters at the Sidco Nagar section office in Villivakkam was converted for linking Aadhaar number. As a result, the queue to pay online became long. The slow network has led to very slow movement of the crowd at the counter where linking Aadhaar number and electricity connection was done. Technical glitches were a huge issue yesterday at many places and the consumers were unhappy as they had to wait for a long time.

Since the server was down, many residents could not link their Aadhar number and electricity connection at their homes, This was as per Mr. T. Jayaram belonging to T.Nagar Residents Welfare Association. The bitter truth is that even the officers from Tangedco did not know what to do when they were called by the residents who had doubts regarding linking.

To make linking of Aadhaar number and electricity connection trouble free, tangedco must strengthen its server to help the public. This was brought to light by Mt. T. Sadagopan, a consumer activist. He wanted Tangedco to extend the deadline till 31st March so that both Tangedco and consumers would get sufficient time to link Aadhaar number and the electricity connections.

It is noteworthy that in some families electricity service connection numbers would be linked to the mobile number of the children. In such a scenario, when linking Aadhaar number and electricity number at the counters the SMS would be sent to the children. These issues must be sorted out quickly.