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How high BP would affect various vital organs in us?

Posted on: 26/Nov/2022 5:10:08 PM
Having high blood pressure or high BP is a serious issue and must not be taken lightly!!

It is a known fact that cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading reasons for many deaths across the world. Having high blood pressure or high BP is one of the biggest risk factors. High BP refers to the condition when the force of the blood flowing through the blood vessels is extremely high. 

Not only the heart would get affected by this high BP but also various other important or vital organs also. Hence, it is highly essential to treat this high BP issue as soon as possible. There are few reasons for high BP like obesity, eating excess salt, lack of exercise, not enough sleep etc.

Various effects of high BP on the vital organs  are

Effect of high BP on the circulatory system:
Heart, arteries, veins and blood vessels are the 4 major components of the circulatory system. When a person has high BP then his or her arteries would get damaged. This would decrease the flow of blood to the heart and push the blood vessels to work harder In this way, high BP would affect the circulatory system. 

Effect of high BP on the brain:
There would be reduced blood flow and oxygen to various body parts due to high blood pressure. As a result, those with high BP would have memory and thinking issues etc. Arteries present in the brains would get affected by the high blood pressure. Greater blockage in the arteries in the brain would result in the brain stroke. A person would also experience issues like vomiting, nausea, seizures when the brain does not get enough blood or oxygen etc.

Effect of high BP on the kidneys:
By removing waste, acid and extra fluids etc from the body, our kidneys play an important role in us. By this, there would be a better balance of water, salts and minerals like sodium, potassium etc in the blood. The larger blood vessels leading to the kidneys plus the smaller blood vessels in the kidneys would be affected due to high blood pressure. When left untreated, high BP could disrupt the normal functioning of the kidneys. This would finally result in kidney disease.

Effect of high BP on the eyes:
There are tiny blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes. High BP would affect these tiny blood vessels resulting in retinopathy or damage to the blood vessels present in the light sensitive tissue at the back of the retina. There would be bleeding in the eyes, blurred and total vision loss etc.Optic nerve would get damaged if blood flow to the eyes gets blocked due to high blood pressure.