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Important news!! Latest announcement regarding electricity bill payments in Chennai and TN!!

Posted on: 25/Nov/2022 9:51:02 AM
It is known that the Tangedco has decided to collect the electricity bill amount only after the linking of Aadhaar number. In this situation, an announcement has been made by Tangedco now.

It has given 2 additional days for the consumers to pay their electricity bill amount. A circula was sent by K. Malarvizhi, chief financial controller belonging to the revenue dept of Tangedco to all the engineers of Tangedco.

It was mentioned in the circular that arrangements have been made to collect the electricity bills from consumers online or directly only after linking Aadhaar number and electricity connection number and verifying. Hence, for all those low tension consumers 2 additional days would have to be given for payment of their bills. This would be for those consumers who have 24th Nov till 30th Nov last date. For example, if a consumer has a deadline of 28th Nov as the last date to pay the bill then 2 additional days that is till 30th November time must be provided. Point is that only for those consumers who have not linked their Aadhaar number these 2 days additional time must be provided.

Through various electricity bill collection centres, the information about this must be sent to the consumers. 

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