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Interesting latest details about the Vande Bharat train from Chennai to Mysore

Posted on: 07/Nov/2022 9:34:19 AM
Commuters going to Mysore from Chennai  would feel happy with this!!

From today, a trial would be conducted regarding running Vande Bharat train. It is known that this train would run from 11th of November 2022 from Chennai to Mysore. Yesterday night itself, the train arrived in Chennai.

Many these days prefer travelling by the trains to far off places as the trains would provide a safe and comfortable journey for the passengers. It is true that both rich as wella spoor people use trains as their mode of transport to travel long distances. The Indian Railways has been making many changes as many prefer trains. In this regard, Vande Bharat trains are being launched in India to connect important cities at high speeds.       

Till now, 4 Vande Bharat trains are being operated and the fifth train service would be between Chennai and Mysore. The PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi would inaugurate Vande Bharat trains on 11th November. It is learnt that this train would start from Chennai and would travel through Katpadi  to reach Bangalore and then to Mysore.  It must be noted that this train would just halt in Katpadi and Bangalore only.

Important details of Vande Bharat train:

Except on Wednesdays, the Vande Bharat train would run on all other 6 days in a week. The train would have 16 coaches.  Other modern facilities that would be available in the train are  automatic doors, GPS based audio visual info center plus hotspot Wi-Fi and luxury seats etc. Pantry facilities would be available on each coach and they would serve delicious hot foods.

In his Twitter page, Mr. Anand, Chennai Additional Railway Divisional Manager mentioned that for the trial purpose Vande Bharat train has reached Chennai.  To travel in economy class in the Vande Bharat train from Chennai to Mysore, a passenger must pay Rs 921/- for a ticket.

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